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Frequently asked Questions

Select from the frequently asked questions set out below.

CMI Accordion
Are there any course pre-requisite?

Course pre-requisites are dependant upon your chosen course level.
These are listed on our course level page.

Any pre-requisites you need to complete are listed on your Smart Program Guide (SPG) which can be downloaded from Quickserve Online (QSOL).

Can I make a cancellation or transfer?

Cancellations and requests to transfer to an alternative course must be emailed to Service Training Manager - [email protected]

When cancellations are received within 6 working weeks before the course start date, the full course fees are payable – no refunds.

One request to transfer to an alternative date can be made without charge. This date is subject to course availability and Service Training Manager’s discretion.

Do I need to bring anything to attend a training course?

All participants are required to bring their own safety footwear, this is a mandatory health and safety requirement and students cannot proceed with training unless these are worn.

Overalls and safety glasses are provided.

How do I choose which course level I require?

We provide a wide range of courses at levels that suit your individual requirements, listed below are the descriptions of the course levels we offer.

Basic introduction with no assessments. Course can be tailored in length. Pre-requisites are not required.

Maintenance and Repair
Can be 3-5 days in length. Usually pre-requisites are required with a written assessment.

5 days in length. All pre-requisites are required prior to attending. Assessment methods are both written and practical. (Qualification level is only required by those who carry out warranty work on Cummins engines)

If required we can provide specifically designed courses for your requirements. Please email us at [email protected]

How do I acquire a visa?

When you are making your booking you will have the option of completing a travel form which will generate a letter of invitation.

If a student’s visa is refused, the full course fees are still payable – no refunds.

How do I pay for the training?

Full payment is required prior to course start date. We accept payment by BACS (Bank details available on request).

How much is a training course?

Please see Terms and Conditions for up to date pricing.

Course fees include course notes, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Is lunch provided?

We provide meal vouchers for each day to use at our restaurant on site. Refreshments are also provided throughout the day.

What is a Smart Program Guide (SPG)?

The Smart Program Guide (SPG) is the ideal mode to completing the Virtual training. However, for this option you must have an internet connection along with individual user account for Quick Serve Online (QSOL). To obtain a SPG, log on to QSOL also provides a link to Service Training on the left hand side of the screen. You may then select the qualification program that “you” wish to complete. The Smart Program guide looks at the current training requirements and subtracts any Virtual College training that has previously been completed.

The advantage of having the SPG is that it will be less time consuming, meaning the student will not have to repeat what they have done previously, and will allow you to focus only on topics which apply to them.

NOTE: The user will need to have a Service Training ID number to complete the training on the Virtual College Library. Without the Service Training ID the student will not be able to save any of their progress and therefore not gain credit for their work.

When do courses start and finish?

Most courses start at 09:00 hours (On first day of course arrive at 08:45 hours for registration) and finish at 16:30 hours. However, start and finish times may vary for Qualification courses.

What is the closest airport to Daventry Training school?

Travel information can be found here.

What language are the courses given in?

All courses are conducted in English.

Where can I stay while on a training course?

Hotel information is listed here.

Are the courses available remotely?

Remote training via Zoom is available on request. 

NOTE: Completing a remote training course will familiarize you with the product, and in some cases provide a partial qualification.

Practical assessments and end test must be completed to achieve the full qualification level. 

Can you achieve the full qualification if you do a course remotely?

Completing a remote training course will familiarize you with the product and provide a partial qualification in some cases. Practical assessments and end test must be completed at our facility to achieve the full qualification level. 

How much does the remote course cost?

The course fee is the same as for face-to-face sessions.

What does a typical remote course look like?

This method of delivery offers a mix of practical demonstrations and PowerPoint theory presented via Zoom. Using two cameras and smart glasses, the instructor will show you how to strip an engine and identify faults.