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QSK60 CM2358 – K110 (Osprey) (2015-25Q)

Course Overview

This course will provide participants with an understanding and knowledge of this new product upgrade and provide updates from the original: 2003-10Q – QSK60G/HE LBNG Engine.

Topics include:

Mechanical and Electrical sub-systems including: Upgrades to the Air / Fuel system and integration, Ignition System upgrades, Electronic Control system upgrades, Changes to the maintenance and fuel/emissions setup procedures.


INSITE Diagnostic Service Tool, utilization, communication, programming and diagnostics with class practical hands-on practice.


Includes a written test and hands-on proficiency testing. To allow the student to demonstrate their learning and knowledge of this product.

Who should attend

Cummins Service Technicians, Distributor DFSE, Customer Technicians / Service Personnel

Students who have completed Cummins engine training on the 2003-10Q in the past (this will be the update only to the qualification).

Students who have not completed 2003-10Q will conduct the complete course in line with both 2003-10Q and 2015-25Q   

Good knowledge of engine electrical/mechanical systems is desirable to gain the most from this course. There is a significant practical element to this course and the student will be expected to fully participate.