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ISB4.5 & ISB6.7 CM2350 Qualification (Euro 6) (2013-06Q/2013-08Q)

Course Overview

This Course will provide participants with an understanding of the ISB 4.5 AND 6.7 (B104 and B103 Engines). The B104 is the new ISB 4.5 engine developed from the ISF 3.8 and using combined EGR/ SCR after treatment systems with VGT. The B103 6.7 engine has evolved and is also using EGR/ SCR after treatment systems with VGT. Topics include: mechanical and electrical sub-systems, Cooled EGR, exhaust after-treatment, Diesel Particulate Filter, Diesel Oxidization Catalyst and Selective Catalytic Reduction. Components of the class include electronic features and parameters, INSITE diagnostic communication and programming, EDS system and written and hands-on proficiency testing. Upon successful completion of this course the participants will also have the ability to confidently converse with operators / owners, which will enable them to carry out efficient fault finding of the Engine management and EGR/ SCR systems.

Who should attend

It is strongly recommended that students have completed Euro 5 training before attending this course. A good knowledge of automotive electrical systems and Euro 5 after treatment systems is desirable to gain the most from this course. There is a significant practical element to this course and the student will be expected to fully participate.